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Legal Department

  • Civil law, especially family law and law of successionTraffic law (everything which deals with cars, inclusive administrative offences and criminal law)
  • Business law (commercial law and corporate law)
  • Employment law
  • Tax law
  • Tax advice
  • Collection of claims
  • Procedural law
  • Criminal law

Furthermore, some offices of HMW have special skills in the following expertises:

  • Reorganisation of companies and insolvency law/bankruptcy law
  • Investments and asset management
  • Finance law and banking law/Compliance/money laundering
  • Protection of investors
  • Acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Insurance law
  • Further business law with the following main focuses:
    • Start-ups and change/conversion of corporate forms
    • Structuring and restructuring of companies with special consideration of taxes
    • Tax optimisation for companies and their partners
    • Structuring of mutual funds
    • Mergers & Aquisitions
    • Competition law
  • Law of pharmacies/chemist’
  • Law of health professional
  • Business criminal law / white-collar crim
  • Law of gambling e.g. lottery, sweepstakes, sports bettin
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Sports law

HMW has developed special legal configurations for SME (“Mittelstand”) in succession plan-ning. These configurations effect the saving of taxes and the reduction of risks. Therefore, HMW is a strategy consultant of companies.

HMW esteems the entrepreneur also as a private person. HMW offers him strategic support for balancing his interests as an entrepreneur and a private person. In this regard, the per-sonal pension scheme, the diversification of investments, the corporate succession and the last will are also important.

If necessary, HMW supports its clients also in operative business.

HMW has also developed new ways in the collection of claims. These new ways lead to a reduction of costs and to higher revenues for our clients.

Mutual funds/investment funds

In the last time HMW was asked by several clients to develop and to raise various funds for private equity. HMW offers also the management of the funds to the clients.

By these funds the client acquires capital which is independent of banks. If the client is a special distribution company for investment capital the funds gains two advantages: the client can earn commission for the distribution and he can benefit from the earnings of the funds.

These funds are a replacement for life insurances which are no tax shelter in Germany any more because of amendments in law. The funds generate predictable earnings and don’t have the risks of stock markets.

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